Spa Packages in Ballina

Our pamper packages make the perfect gift for anyone in your life that could use a little relaxation. Treating yourself to one of our bundles of premium spa services is also a great way to ensure your busy schedule does not get in the way of taking care of your body.

Learn more about our services that include:

Facial Mask — Beauty services in Ballina, NSW


We offer a range of treatment packages to suit the needs of any individual. Our packages cover a selection of our beauty and relaxation experiences, including Vichy showers, outdoor hydrotherapy, as well as foot and hand treatments.

Vichy Shower — Beauty services in Ballina, NSW


Our Vichy showers are a relaxing experience guided by one of our trained spa professionals. The treatment involves pulsating water, heated and chilled, directed at specific areas of the body to promote complete relaxation. This sensational experience is only available through the purchase of a pamper package.

Pool & Water Feature — Beauty services in Ballina, NSW


Let all your worries float away in our hot outdoor oxygenated hydrotherapy spa. Our outdoor spa is surrounded by lush, green gardens and infused with liquid oxygen to leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed. The spas are fully equipped with hydrotherapy jets and contoured seating to relax tense muscles and offer complete comfort.