Traditional spa services are the hallmark of relaxation and luxury. We are proud to offer a complete list of traditional treatments to clients of all ages. These procedures keep you looking fresh and rejuvenated for weeks while providing a relaxing escape from the day-to-day stresses of life.



Traditional spa services are the hallmark of relaxation and luxury. We are proud to offer a complete list of traditional treatments to clients of all ages. These procedures keep you looking fresh and rejuvenated for weeks while providing a relaxing escape from the day-to-day stresses of life.

Frangipani beauty face treatments

  • Express Facial 30 minutes | $90

    Our take on a traditional facial treatment will clean and relax the face. Treatment includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask and finishing cream.

  • Deep Cleanse 60 minutes | $135

    A decongesting, healing facial that corrects skin challenges such as blackheads, and oily or congested skin with a tendency to breakout.

  • Deluxe Facial 60 minutes | $135

    A relaxing facial experience that enhances skin radiance, increases skin circulation and accelerates cell rejuvenation.

  • Express Teen Cleanse 30 minutes | $90

    A decongesting and healing facial for correcting skin challenges teenagers typically face. This includes blackheads and oily or congested skin with a tendency to breakout.

  • Eye Indulgence 30 minutes | $70

    Firm, tone and brighten tired looking eyes with our unique hydrating, cooling and soothing under-eye algae mask. This treatment is great for fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.


We take anti-ageing and skin correction seriously and such have adopted Dermaviduals Corneotherapeutic skin care. Our treatment based products resemble the structure of your skin and penetrate to allow us to safely and effectively treat all your skin concerns. Let our skilled therapists take you on a powerful journey of skin transformation and healing. Treatments are customised to suit every individual and unique solutions for every skin condition.

  • Dermaviduals Express $110
  • Dermaviduals Customised Facial Treatment $230

    This prescriptive treatment is custom designed to target your skin’s condition and concerns, established during a Skin Discovery Session. This facial is composed of some serious skin treatments for some serious results. This ultimate facial treatment includes an Enzyme exfoliation, a customised treatment mask & relaxing face, neck, décolleté. This facial treatment is free from emulsifiers, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, colours or amines. To achieve maximum results from this treatment we recommend the use of a prescribed Dermaviduals home-care/makeup.

Perfect for the following conditions:

  • Anti-Inflammatory/Difused Redness

    For irritated, reddened skins we aim to rebuild the skins barrier layer/acid mantle for protection and first line barrier defence

  • Revitalize

    Reduce oxidative stress, free radical damage & prevent lipid peroxidation caused by lifestyle, work & diet habits. Potent anti-oxidants deliver a quick & instant boost to the skin.

  • Replenish (Dry)

    The intense use of Dermaviduals superior DMS is used to rebuild the Dermal Membrane Structure for increased cellular function & health.

  • Clear (Acne)

    After establishing your acne grade, we work to rebuild skin micro flora (bacteria) focusing on p.acne bacteria which is responsible for inflammation, irritation, breakout & congestion. A pure & natural clay mask is used to aid skin healing & protection.

  • Even (Pigmentation)

    An active combination of Tyroinase inhibitors are used to target the melanocyte (cell responsible for skin colour) for improved skin colour & cell health.

  • Dermaviduals Specialised Facial Treatment $255

    This Dermaviduals specialised executive facial treatment comprises the most active ingredients to intensify the penetration deeper into the skin, leaving you feeling plump, soft & well hydrated. This executive facial treatment includes an enzyme exfoliation, individual infusion mask to intensify the penetration of actives, LED & soothing treatment mask to complete the executive treatment. This treatment incorporates the ultimate in relaxation with a 20-minute face, decollete & shoulder massage giving you total relaxation with a results driven facial treatment.

  • Dermaviduals enzyme & led light therapy facial treatment $229

    Clean & refine your skin without compromising skin health & function. The application of the enzyme peel will loosen & remove dead skin cells (keratinocytes) to reveal a more radiant skin with the use of active pineapple & papaya enzymes. This exfoliation increases skin receptivity for the application of individual serums before the LED Light therapy. LED is non-invasive light therapy working at a cellular level, proven to combat skin conditions & cellular ageing. Skin has the amazing ability to absorb light and transform it into energy that can stimulate healing through cellular regeneration – the ability to replace old, damaged cells with new, healthy ones. LED increases the permeability of the cell membrane, allowing deeper penetration of the potent active ingredients in the Dermaviduals range to achieve optimal results.


We pride ourselves on using high-quality waxes specifically chosen for their non-irritating and gentle characteristics. Our team of dedicated spa professionals uses products and methods that can be used to remove hair on any part of the body. Our treatment even relaxes hair follicles before removal, making the process relatively painless.


  • Full leg $72
  • 3/4 leg $55
  • Half leg (top or bottom) $44
  • Bikini $32
  • Brazilian $60
  • Brazilian regular $45
  • G string $42
  • Stomach Line $13
  • Lip $15
  • Chin $15
  • Lip & chin $28
  • Lip, chin & cheeks $45
  • Cheeks $30
  • Arm $48
  • Underarm $22
  • Back $65
  • Chest $55
  • Full Leg and Bikini $95
  • Eyebrow, Lip & Chin $55
  • Upper Back $30
  • Lower Back $30
  • Full Back $55
  • Nose $15


As part of our commitment to providing a complete list of relaxing, rejuvenating procedures, we are proud to offer a variety of hand and foot treatments to keep our clients looking and feeling their best.


  • Deluxe Manicure $85

    The nails are cut and filed, cuticles are pushed back and nourished, the back of the hands and arms are deeply exfoliated and moisturised with a soothing hand massage before adding the finishing touch of colour to your nails.

  • Mini Manicure $65

    A busy schedule does not mean your hands need to be neglected. This express treatment ensures your hands and nails look great, fast. Nails are filed and buffed, cuticles are pushed and moisturised and then we finish the nails with a polish of your choice.

  • Mini mani with gel polish $75
  • Shape & Polish $36

    The nails are cut, shaped and painted a colour of your choice. Our shape and polish treatment is a simple way to experience luxury when you are in a hurry.

  • Gel Polish Manicure $90

    The hands and nails are given an intensive manicure treatment before adding a Gel Polish of your choice.

  • Gel Polish Overlay hands or feet $55
  • Pedicure Spa $120

    Our deluxe pedicure in our massage pedi chairs are the ultimate choice for foot spa therapy. Your feet are immersed in an aromatherapy spa, massaged, exfoliated and painted with a colour of your choice whilst enjoying a cappuccino or tea.

  • Mini Pedicure $72

    Our express pedicure gives the opportunity to have beautifully groomed feet, no matter how busy your life is. Nails are cut and filed, cleaned and finally polished with a colour of your choice. Our mini pedicure also includes leg and feet exfoliation or a massage from our pedi chair.

  • Mini pedi with gel polish $95
  • Gel Polish Pedicure $135

    The Gel Polish pedicure includes cuticle work, massage, exfoliation, blading, buffing and your choice of Gel Polish, all while you lay back and relax in our reclining massage chair.

  • Paraffin $20

    If your hands are dry and in need of a moisturising boost, our hot paraffin wax treatment is designed for you. This treatment can be added to any manicure service for a small additional cost.

  • Sole Care $52

    If your hands are dry and in need of a moisturising boost, our hot paraffin wax treatment is designed for you. This treatment can be added to any manicure service for a small additional cost.



  • Eyebrow $30
  • Eyebrow Style (Reshape, Trim, Tint and Fill) $59

    More than just shaping. Perfectly compliment your face. We will work with you to achieve the look YOU want for your brows

  • Eyebrow Tint $28
  • Henna Eyebrows $60


  • Eyelash Tint $39
  • Eyelash eyebrow tint $40
  • Eyelash Lift & Tint $120


Sometimes a little bit of change is the perfect way to reinvigorate your appearance. Our spa and beauty therapists understand how a simple change of colour can breathe new life into your look.


  • Full set $130
  • Infill $95
  • Overlay $95
  • File, buff & polish $36
  • Nail paint $25


A whiter, brighter smile in just 20 minutes. Pro Whitening is state-of-the-art technology for teeth whitening that works at the speed of light. Our teeth whitening is not a medical procedure and is a safe & effective product. The Pro Whitening teeth whitening will not harm dental work, but will work to remove stains and make crowns and veneers less noticeable. A typical treatment will brighten your teeth by up to eight shades whiter in just one treatment. For the first 24 hours after the treatment we recommend avoiding coffee, dark coloured soft drinks, red wines, berries. Remember if it stains a T-shirt it will stain your teeth. Treat yourself to a healthy, brighter smile!


  • Teeth whitening 30 minutes | $155
  • Follow-up within 2 weeks $120

Spray Tan

Need a gorgeous Summer glow ASAP? Its super quick and you’ll be looking and feeling a million dollars in no time.

Medical Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is a medical procedure, so there is every reason to make sure that it is done properly. Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing has been developed from a medical standpoint, using modern technology and safe materials. Ear piercing has taken a big step forward – Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing has made ear piercing safer.

  • Truly hygienic!

    The encapsulated cassette gives maximum protection against infection. The part which, on an old-fashioned ear piercing instrument, grips ear lobe after ear lobe, on ear after ear, and customer after customer… has been replaced with a sterilized disposable ENCAPSULATED CASSETTE.

    This ENCAPSULATED CASSETTE contains one ear piercing stud and one butterfly for one ear piercing (not two as with many other systems). The customer can be certain that this sterile disposable cassette is used solely on him/her and no-one else. Maximum protection for the customer!

    After ear piercing, the CASSETTE is enclosed in a SAFETY COVER before being discarded. This SAFETY COVER protects all parts of the CASSETTE that have been in contact with, or close to, the ear. For the practitioner this means there is no risk of contact with contaminated material. Maximum protection for the practitioner!

  • The best healing!

    The ear piercing earrings used in Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing are not only beautiful earrings – they have above all, been developed in order to create the best possible conditions for a trouble free healing.

    They differ from “normal” earrings on the following points:

      – Only medical and skin friendly materials are used, thereby reducing the risk of allergy problems.
      – They are small and light.
      – Medical Plastic ear piercing earrings weigh only 1/5 of what traditional steel ear piercing earrings weigh.
      – The safety butterfly is positioned on the tip of the ear piercing earrings post. Thereby air can circulate around the newly pierced hole which is essential for a trouble free healing.
      – The safety butterfly encapsulates the sharp tip of the post so that the tip does not irritate or damage the skin behind the ear.
      – The ear piercing earring is thicker than normal earrings. This minimises the risk of damaging the sensitive newly pierced hole when changing to other earrings after the healing period.
      – The ear piercing earring is available in two different lengths.
      – Ear piercing earrings in Medical Plastic 0% Nickel

  • Lots of children want their ears pierced!

    More and more children want to have their ears pierced and it is happening at an earlier age. Not just girls, but also boys have their ears pierced. Blomdahl Medical has therefore developed ear piercing products which are particularly suitable to use when ear piercing young children – Medical Plastic.

  • Medical Plastic – 0% nickel:

    Medical Plastic is the only material for ear piercing with 0% nickel. With pure, medical plastic you can be assured that you will not be exposed to any nickel. Recommended for children and adults who want to be absolutely certain that they will not develop nickel allergy during the healing period.

  • Ear piercing earrings in pure medical grade titanium:

    Titanium – the skin friendly metal for ear piercing! We use pure, homogeneous titanium of a medical grade quality because of it superior non-allergenic characteristics. Silver Titanium is coated with the exclusive precious metal rhodium. Golden Titanium is plated with 18K gold. This rhodium / gold covers only the visible part of the earring, that is to say the part that does not come into contact direct with the skin. It is only the skin friendly, pure, homogeneous titanium that comes into direct contact with the skin.

  • After care instructions:

    When having your ears pierced with Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing you will receive written after care instructions that we have put together in consultation with our medical advisors. The three keywords to a problem free healing are CLEAN, DRY & AIRY and of course not to touch your newly pierced ears with your own hands.

  • Cleansing of the new piercing
  • One Ear $45
  • Two ears $65
  • Nose $80

    You should cleanse the piercing thoroughly twice a day. Use liquid soap and clean running water once a day, for example when showering. Thereafter rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean running water and dry with a kleenex or q-tip. Supplementary cleansing is best done with Blomdahl Ear Care cleansing swabs. Very practical if running water is not at hand. Blomdahl Ear Care cleansing swabs are available for purchase where you pierce your ears.

Piercing — Beauty services in Ballina, NSW

  • 30 minute massage $80
  • Full Body Massage $150
  • Back, neck & shoulder massage $80
  • Hot stone body massage $175
  • Pregnancy massage $150
  • Hot Stone back, neck & shoulder $80
  • 90 minute Full Body massage $230

  • Special Occasion $130